Timber Industry Products

CUT TO SIZE PLASTICS has been involved with the Timber Industry over 30 years, and in this time we have developed a range of Engineering Plastics Products to reduce wear and down time in the Timber Mills.Please call us for more details, and for our comprehensive catalogue.



  • Chanex® chain track
  • Polyurethane J-Hooks
  • Wearzorb impact pad
  • Custom profiles
  • Polyurethane & UHMWPE idler and drive sprockets
  • Sawblade guide material
  • Weld washers Chain caps

other applications

  • UHMWPE wear strip
  • UHMWPE roller lugs
  • Sprockets
  • Polycarbonate guards
  • UHMWPE Chain caps
  • Scotchply™ reinforced springs for vibratory conveyers
  • Custom machined parts