About Us

Cut To Size Plastics Pty Ltd has been supplying Engineering Plastics, General Plastics and customised engineering solutions to Australian and International customers since 1980.

We hold extensive stocks of Nylon, Oilamid, Delrin, Acetal, Teflon and UHMWPE combined with HDPE, PVC and Polypropylene to service a diverse range of Australian industries. We will cut it, rout it, bend it or machine it, all to your exact specifications.

Our General Plastics product range includes extruded thermoplastic Acrylic sheet in clear, opal and colours, Acrylic tube and rods, Polycarbonate sheet, rigid PVC sheet and accessories including adhesive and polishes to complement the ranges.

Our comprehensive CNC machining facility at Yennora, coupled with GibbsCAM™ and Solidworks™ software ensure a smooth process from design through to completion. Your drawings go into our computer, then to the CNC machines.

The demand for high performance plastics has grown strongly over the past decade, and continues to steadily increase. Our access to PEEK, PPS, PSU, PVDF and other such innovative products, makes our company a great place to come for all your plastics needs.

Mission Statement

The aim of Cut To Size Plastics Pty Ltd is to responsibly, skilfully and profitably trade in the plastics industry. The health and safety of all employees is of prime concern. The company aims for quality in all aspects of trading and in the production of a superior quality product. The company aims to have skilful and well-trained employees.

Cut To Size Plastics Pty Ltd is committed to meeting Australian and International Quality Standards and to working within the guidelines issued by the State WorkCover Authority.

Corporate social responsibility

Cut To Size Plastics is totally committed to the reduction of waste and use of landfill. All our plastics and plastic off-cuts are recyclable. Our staff are dedicated to environmental sustainability, and appreciate the need to keep our communities clean and safe. We consider waste materials to be a significant asset, and take measures to reuse and recycle them wherever possible, in order to contribute to making this world a better place for our future generations.

Why Choose us?

High Quality

Cut To Size Plastics takes pride in supplying the highest quality plastics, ruggedly engineered for tough industrial applications across a wide range of industries.


Cut To Size Plastics staff are highly qualified, with a range of different engineering qualifications to assist with finding optimal solutions.

Highly customisable solutions

Cut To Size Plastics has the software and the CNC machines to develop bespoke engineering plastics solutions for diverse customer needs.


Cut To Size Plastics delivers Australia-wide with highly efficient turnaround times. Ask us for an estimated delivery time for your required product.