about us

Cut To Size Plastics Pty Ltd is proudly associated with Hercules Engineering, one of the leading suppliers of Structural Bearings and Slip Joints in Australia. Hercules Engineering has grown steadily since 1972 and developed a positive reputation in the industry.

Now a division of Cut To Size Plastics, Hercules Engineering offers a broad range of structural products for both Government and commercial clients in Australia and overseas. Their clients represent the Construction, Infrastructure, Mining, Fuel and Energy Industries.


The Hercules Engineering team is pleased to be able to offer our professional services in four important areas.


Hercules Engineering provides technical liaison with consulting engineers and architects at the design stage of a project. We provide detailed specifications and drawings.


Hercules Engineering manufactures complete bearing systems for a wide range of industrial applications. Customised design and precision manufacturing are done in Australia.


Hercules Engineering provides detailed installation instructions, on-site assistance, comprehensive data sheets and highly trained staff to ensure your project runs smoothly.


Hercules Engineering is consistently researching and developing new materials and designs to provide our customers with cost-efficient and quality product options.

Why Choose us?

Hercules Engineering’s business strategy is based on delivering customisable, cost-effective and sustainable solutions to prolong the service life and minimise maintenance costs for important structures. If installed correctly, our products last for the life of the structure.

Quality, customisable

We provide high quality and highly customisable products to accommodate the requirements provided by engineers and contractors. We have in-house expertise, the latest software and advanced CNC machines.


Our highly trained staff can provide in-house design assistance to ensure your project is completed on-time and is compliant with all standards and regulatory requirements


Long-established business

We have more than 40 years of hands-on experience with structural bearings and slip joints, including major projects such as the ANZAC bridge, Opera House, and New Parliament House Canberra.

Support &

Our experienced team can provide support and guidance from design to installation of our products, including those on regional and remote sites. We can also provide supervision of installation works on-site.


Galvanised or stainless steel slipjoints (HGSJ/ hssJ)

Herculon Type D Free Float Bearings

Herculon Type D Fixed (HLD/FX) Bearings

Herculon Type D Sliding Guided (HLD/SG) Bearings

Herculon Type D Tank Top Bearings

Herculon™ Modified Type “D” Bearing

Herculon™ Modified Type “B” Bearing