Cut To Size Plastics offers a comprehensive range of engineered and quality plastics from world leaders in their fields - such as Beck-Wefapress - that benefit a diverse range of industries, including:

Production and Process Engineering

From the smallest and simplest machine components, through to complex fabricated requirements, our plastics are used across the broad spectrum of product and process engineering applications. Our range spans the spectrum of engineering needs, including Nylon, Polyamide, Delrin, Acetal, Teflon and UHMWPE, through to HDPE, PVC and Polypropylene.

Materials Handling

Cost-efficient, low-wear and low-friction plastics are making strong inroads into materials handling technologies, including machinery, conveyor and pump components, and liners for loaders, tanks, silos, bins and process equipment. Our range of class-leading speciality products and liners – including the latest Wefapress® Flex Cover liners – can further tailor products to individual applications, using specially formulated filler formulations to deliver particular qualities for particular applications needing specific strength, hardness, abrasion resistance or food-grade performance. Our quality plastics are also often used for forklift guards, machine guards and hoods used to enhance safety in materials handling applications.


Hospitality applications include food preparation surfaces, kitchen machinery, outdoor signage and building components. We provide materials that guarantee maximum hygiene, safety and real cost advantages with easy fabrication and proven compliance with top world hygiene standards, when engineering OEM and replacement components for critical production areas and processes.

Energy Generation and Distribution

The outstanding heat resistance and non-electrical conductivity of our engineering plastics make them ideal for energy applications, including insulators, electrical boxes, valves and switchboard covers, as well as safety equipment. Our complementary ranges of low-friction liners and tough machinery components are widely suitable to materials handling applications within the energy generation and distribution industries. Highly durable Wearply reinforced plastic composite weighs less than aluminium but has up to 10 times the specific strength of 1020 steel. It is tailored to demanding electrical and industrial applications, including as a structural high temperature composite in generators and transformers.

Architecture, Building & Construction

The outstanding durability and weather resistance of our clear, coloured and building and machine component plastics make them ideal for construction applications, extending from sheeting to seals, o-rings construction machinery components, sliding components and anti-vibration springs. Hercules Engineering, a division of Cut To Size Plastics, also specialises in cost-efficient and low-maintenance slip joints, structural bearings and seals for bridges, aqueducts, hospitals, carparks and a huge range of building applications.

Health, Medical & Scientific

Such applications may demand high standards of chemical and moisture resistance as well as very high precision in the fabrication of process-critical componentry. Our plastics are often used in medical, scientific and testing equipment. We supply and fabricate to strict hygiene and performance standards as required, with international Standards compliance and traceability.


We work extensively with industry to develop engineered plastic components that are clearly and demonstrably better, cheaper, safer or more efficient than those made from alternative materials. We partner with our customers to arrive at solutions tailored to their individual needs. Customer requirements may extend from protective wear guards – which are required by almost all manufacturing machines – to sophisticated innovations, such as time and cost-saving split plummer blocks. We also supply gears, rollers, sheave pulleys, industrial seals, pistons and low-friction plastics applicable to the manufacturing industry automation, hygiene and high-speed processing.

Food & Beverage

Our tough, light and hygienic engineered plastics are used across a range of food and beverage applications, including dairy, confectionary, snackfoods, brewery, bakery and primary industry. From complex fabrications and machinery components, to machine guards to preparation surfaces, our standards-compliant food-grade, chemically resistant and moisture-resistant plastics are ideally suited to safety, automation, high speed processing and packaging and process hygiene requirements. They respond also to the needs of Clean in Place (CIP) systems, enzyme systems and aseptic packaging, which are important areas where such plastics can offer high performance in terms of resistance to temperatures, radiation, chemicals and water.

Mining and Mineral Processing

Our light, rugged and durable engineering plastics are outstandingly suited to mineral processing and bulk materials handling, often as an alternative to heavier, more expensive metals that are more difficult to fabricate, install and maintain. Properties such as low-friction sliding, wear resistance, resistance to chemicals and suitability for wet and aggressive environments are ideal for applications extending from machinery components (such as wire rope sheaves, rollers and guides) through to non-clogging liners for bins, silos, trucks and loaders.


The same qualities that make our Wearply product suitable for advanced aerospace and medical applications – such as helicopter blades and MRI equipment – mean it can be employed with confidence in rail, ship loading, materials handling and high-precision tasks where reliability is vital. The advantages of Wearply reinforced plastic composite include Improved electrical resistance for performance as an electrical insulator in areas such as rail jointing, where it is used in standard, heavy duty and adhesive types.

Timber and primary industry

We are leading suppliers to the timber industry and primary product materials handling organisations. Our polyurethane and UHMWPE idler and drive sockets, roller lugs and J-Hooks are complemented by Wearex® wear strip, chain caps, sprockets, duct, wear strips and belt guides, as well as flat bar, sheet and rod. Our market-leading Chanex® UHMWPE channel – a quiet, low maintenance material – is being used in industrial applications all over the world.

Safety and Sustainability

Safety is an essential part of all the industries listed here and a top priority for companies globally. Our plastics are typically used in applications where they provide outstanding wear resistance in a much lighter weight or compact space than metal or other alternatives. Our suppliers are also strongly involved in development of plastics from biodegradable materials where required for particular applications.