Cut To Size Plastics has sharpened its future focus with new branding and information resources – including new company literature and a fresh logo – following on from its recent website and machining centre upgrades introduced to provide better service and support to its customers.

“The initiatives are being undertaken as engineering plastics – including tough, light, hygienic, easily handled and low-friction materials – increasingly provide a cost-efficient alternative to metals in expanding machinery and finished component markets.”

Laurie Green, Managing Director, Cut To Size Plastics.
The new Cut To Size logo , is part of an ongoing expansion and modernisation that includes a new Morbidelli Author M100F heavy duty CNC router at its Yennora, Sydney, headquarters, as well as a new website – featuring updated technical support content.

Markets where engineering plastics are expanding in use include architectural and building, food and beverage, forestry and primary industry, manufacturing and process engineering, mining and bulk handling, production automation, high-speed conveying and ultra-tough safety shields, some using the same acrylic and polycarbonate plastics families as jet fighter cockpit canopies.

Acrylic and polycarbonate plastics families are used for jet fighter cockpit canopies.

“We want our customers to know that we’re investing in a range of engineering plastics, fabrication technologies and information services to bring them a more advanced product offering, with faster machining times and outstanding technical support. After all our recent upgrades, it only made sense to upgrade our logo to match the modern Cut To Size Plastics,” said Mr Green, who established the business in 1980.

Cut To Size supplies top quality engineering plastics detailed in its latest brochure (including extensive stocks ofNylon, Oilamid, Delrin, Acetal, Teflon and UHMWPE, HDPE, PVC and Polypropylene) along with in-house expertise, advanced machinery and the latest software to design, cut, rout, bend, laser and machine to exacting engineering specifications for Australian and international customers.

Cut To Size’s subsidiary company, Hercules Engineering, is also finding expanding markets for its cost-efficient, low-maintenance slipjoints and structural bearings for the infrastructure, construction, fuel, mining and energy industries. These stock and custom products are also summarised in a new brochure outlining their capabilities and customisable products.

“Specifiers today are reaching beyond traditional materials and design solutions to find the lightest, safest and most durable and cost-efficient materials and custom-engineered solutions. Our highly skilled team isn’t just selling off-the-shelf plastic products. Through our experienced and qualified engineers, coupled with the latest GibbsCam and SolidWorks software, we can provide assistance from technical drawing and planning, through to customised products and detailed installation instructions,” said Mr Green, whose recent investment in Morbidelli machining technology complements the company’s comprehensive CNC machining facility at its Yennora HQ, which optimises its ability to produce high-quality product from customer specifications and design briefs for local application or export.

Engineering plastics are used in a wide variety of applications

Expansion and innovation

Cut To Size is introducing a wave of new updates and innovations to better serve the Australasian market, including:

  • New CNC Router: the introduction of a new high-speed, vibration-free Morbidelli Author M100F heavy duty CNC router offers unmatched finishing quality and rapid production turnaround for the company’s Asia-Pacific markets.
  • New European range: Cut To Size is expanding its range with the addition of Wefapress’ globally proven Flex Cover ranges of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) that have been chemically modified to make this tough, light material particularly suitable for high-temperature applications. The Wefapress Flex Cover range is typically eight times lighter than comparable steel liners used to curtail friction, wear and material flow challenges in diverse applications requiring no moisture absorption, outstanding chemical resistance and corrosion prevention.
The new Wefapress Flex Cover range is one of a series of innovations being introduced by Cut To Size Plastics
The new Wefapress Flex Cover range is one of a series of innovations being introduced by Cut To Size Plastics
  • New website: to help groups such as engineers, architects, operations managers, safety managers and others to decide whether plastics can deliver the benefits they need and to further extend technical support to specifiers who work with high performance and engineering plastics.

“Automation and the search for cost-efficiency are driving change in plastics engineering. Increasingly, engineers, architects and machinery fabricators are open to innovation, rather than being rusted on to the past. And new plastics formulations are emerging every year with designed-in attributes that optimise them for particular applications,” says Mr Green, whose company distributes advanced materials of international leaders in plastics technology including Licharz, Gehr and Beck-Wefapress.

“The important thing is to approach engineering plastics with an open mind, knowing that there are some applications for which metals will be superior and others where plastics will have the big advantages,” says Mr Green.